Tough day today..what more to say guys??in the end my body couldn’t handle it. all this just because of the’s not an excuse,it’s not only the reason that I lost..but it’s a big fact and it’s tough to lose the semis in this way.I had to finish my match from yesterday,I lost the 2nd set and won the 3rd one.I had few hour to recover and to get ready again for the semis!!it has been long time to play semis in a Wta tournament and I was ready to enjoy it full speed.we start the match at 4pm and the drama start it too..we stopped after the warm up and the reason of course was the rain.we had to wait around 45min to walk again back on central court.this..didn’t happen once today..but 4 was really hard to keep up warm and always ready and as I said it before in the end was too much.she came out very good and I missed some chances in the first set even if the score was 0-6.the first few games of the 2nd set were very close and could go both ways but I played some good tennis.I made an early break and after I did hold my serve thru,until the end that I had to serve out!!very happy about it!!already in the end of 2nd set I was feeling a bit weird with the body and the legs plus I had to go to the toilet so of course I took a toilet break.I came out in the 3rd set and still felt strange in my moves and she played so smart,she made me move even more.of course I couldn’t retired,I called the trainer in 1-3 but I knew that there is no chance to win like the end I lost the set 1-6 and I came out with was my low back.the fans were unbelievable,unreal to see it and of course to feel this vibes!!!!I thank every one here for this amazing support and love for the sport!!!!I hope to see you all next year,I really enjoyed my week here in KL.

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